This Singaporean woman had her Christmas ruined by a bus driver whom she claimed lack empathy. She was boarding bus 856 at an industrial area when the driver told her that her son had to pay the adult fare. She realised that she did not have enough small change and expected the driver to at least give her a ride until the nearest ATM at Yishun. 

Unfortunately for her, he didn't. She ended up having to get off the bus because the bus captain could not refund her anyway, which explains her following rant:

"Where the hell was freaking service and empathy ??? Couldnt he at least give us a ride till Yishun mrt and I will withdraw and get that $1.00 change ??!!!
Omg !! Its freaking Christmas !!!

So I told my son to take the bus as I did not want him to walk all the way with me on top of that it is freaking ridiculous to argue over $1 !!!! I alighted and walk all the way to woodlands mrt !!! Do you blooddy know how far it is ???!!

I went all the way just to meet my son back at Yishun interchange. Do you know how freaking stupid this is ??? What an idiot !!!

No compassion or empathy?? I am in the middle of nowhere ??!!! All the shops are closed !!! Bloody piss me off !!!"

And that was Christmas for a child who didn't bring his ez-link card and a woman who thought that bus drivers are more understanding. 

Is it all that surprising? Just look at our elite politicians, do you see any empathy? 

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