The Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) has come under fire for sticking to its age old policy of having no domestic helpers or chauffeurs enter their premises while their employers dine there.

This issue recently resurfaced after a man, who was not a member of the club but was there as his family was, and they were having dinner there, was told that they could not bring their maid into the premises, as it was against the Club's laws. His father, who was a member, then said that he wanted to bring in the maid as his guest, but this was still not allowed, as the staff said that they still know the maid is a domestic helper.

The man, freelance actor Nicholas Bloodworth, indicated that this was an archaic rule. While he acknowledged that the rules had been there for a long, time, he still called on the club to be upfront about this rule, and place the "No Maid rule" clearly on their website. He insinuated that the club did not do this, as they were not prepared to face then backlash.

While the family did finish their dinner there, they also packed food for the maid, and Bloodworth indicated that he will never make another visit to the club as it discriminates.



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