A Redditporean (Singaporean redditor) made a reddit post regarding the elitist mindset of certain parents as well as how we should treat each other with respect. The thoughts came from her own point of view while working as a sales person. The post when viral with many redditors agreeing with her thoughts. You can read her full post below:

"For context, I'm a 16 year old student who has just completed my O's. I decided to spend my holiday working for a bit of extra pocket money.

The job is simple, we help to sell items for different schools. Having had experience from being a sales girl last year, this was no big deal for me and I cope with the job well.

I have always been in "名校" (what some consider good schools) since I was in primary school, and most parents of the children I knew in those schools were amiable, pleasant people, so I used to refute the stereotype that parents from more elite schools were arrogant.

My view changed in less than a week of work. I hate to admit it, but most of the difficult parents are those whose children are from the "good schools".

On my first day of work, I had a nasty parent who openly told her son "You have to wait, she's not smart you know." simply because I had to confirm that the sample size I gave them was correct with the full time workers at the counter.

Although I had been briefed, I just wanted to ensure that I provided the correct information and was doing my job properly. It doesn't mean that I'm stupid or dumb. (Besides, if I did something wrong instead of clarifying my doubts, wouldn't I be in even more trouble?)

For example, let's say Happyland is a really well known school. There's Happyland Primary, Happyland Girls School, Happyland High School and Happyland JC. The parents of Happyland have the tendency to go into the store and scoff "Happyland." when I ask them which school's items they are looking for. Upon asking them which Happyland School they are referring to, they would instantly look offended as if to say "Don't you know Happyland?"

The usual condescending tone is expected, but the attitude they give is rather unnecessary. I'm a sales girl and my job is to help you. It won't hurt to give me more details about your child's school so that I can serve you better.

Some parents would brag about their children to other parents who they know are parents of children who are going to neighbourhood secondary schools, instantly changing their tone and attitude the moment they come into contact with another parents whose child is attending the same school as theirs.

C'mon, they're just here to buy items for the new school year, not start a whole conversation about how your child is better because their T score is a 270+

The parents are nice to me (their tone actually does a 180) when they ask me which school I go to and find out that I've already accepted an offer from a "good" JC.

Are they implying that they're only nice to me the moment they find out that I'm going to a "better" school than their child?

Your child's brand of school doesn't make you any better than others.

Over the last 5 days, I realised that many of the parents who were nice to me in school were probably nice only because they know I'm at the same level and their child and would like their children to be treated with respect as well.

It is a common assumption that sales girls are people who have low levels of education and it isn't the highest of job titles, but it doesn't mean that they are subhuman trash. (this applies to everyone with a job people "look down" on)

I know many of you here on reddit would think I'm spoilt and can't take being treated rudely because I'm part of the "strawberry generation" and am just being easily offended and triggered by the slightest of things.

This post isn't about me. It's for the full time working "aunties" who have to deal with the attitudes of these people on a daily basis.

I'm starting to really empathise with those who have to deal with these elitists who think they're better than everyone else simply because of the school their child goes to. And honestly, even as a student from one of such schools, it really isn't that big a deal. You aren't superior.

I'm not trying to say "all schools are equal" and I understand that elite schools exist to separate children of different levels of intelligence so that they can learn better amongst peers that are similar to them.

I just hope that people treat others with more basic respect, there's no need to turn your child's education into some complex politics.

Please teach your children to be nice to people, and do it by setting a healthy example."

Which school you go to does not define you. We are all humans living on earth. Why should we treat each other so differently? Kudos to the redditor for being so mature and penning down her thoughts.


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