I just want to say how nonsense is the move to restrict smoking in Orchard Road to about the designated areas. This is not my sentiments alone but the sentiments of the majority of the smokers that I spoke with regarding the restrictions. The number is not important. 40 or 14 no difference. Our rights is nothing to other people.

First of all, the PAP government talks about engaging citizens and adopting a more consultative approach. But who did they consult over these? The first people that should be consulted are us smokers and not businesses or people who don't smoke. Eh wtf? What consultation is there when the people most affected are not engaged on the issue.

Most of us feel like the unwelcomed step-sibling or black sheep of the family. Like we are here and people know that we are here but people just don't care about what we think. 

We cannot smoke in a lot of places. Even in our own homes, we don't really smoke or smoke in the toilet out of consideration for our family and friends. Army camp no need to say. Why can't we smoke more freely at a very public place like Orchard Road?

You don't need to tell us that it's not healthy. We know that very well. But after a long tiring day or stressful period, a puff can ease our worries you know. Don't compare us to the haze ah ok because that's unfair. You also see people in army or CD or police smoking what. There are fellow smokers who do better in ippt after smoking. No cigarette tak power. Got some friends working in tourism and f&B who are not happy because it is very difficult for them to go for a smoke now in between their work or rest time.

I am just ranting but I represent alot of my brudders and sisters who are smokers. Just because we are not in the majority our voices and rights are curtailed just like that without any consultation or anything.





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