Less than a week ago, an angry man named "Anis Rizky" took a video of his own confrontation with an uncle who was burning offerings very early in the morning, and posted on his own FB profile, in a misguided attempt to initiate a backlash against the uncle. We all know by now, the backlash was on the man instead. Netizens branded him arrogant, inconsiderate, and a trouble-maker.

There have been many people who parodied the guy. 

This one by Thyronne Soh Yan Da and his friends may have taken it too far. So what happened was in order to make fun of the guy, Soh and friends, who claim to be from Yishun, went all the way down to Woodlands to the exact place where the confrontation took place. And what happened next? They just lit as much candles, incense, and paper offerings, and all the time mocking what happened.

They were escalating the situation unnecessarily. 

These guys are not heroes. They are idiots and we have to let them know.

"Anis Rizky" did not show any respect or consideration to the religious practices of the uncle. He deserved to be made fun of. What was heartening was that even our Malay Muslim friends chided him for what he did. It was obvious that his thoughts were inconsistent with the thoughts of many of those in the minority races. He was a bad apple but he wasn't able to make everyone else as rotten as him.

So enough was enough. That was until this jokers came along.

Firstly, there was no need for such a reaction. By exaggerating their burning of offerings, they were baiting people. What if someone else was angered by it? What if it was an Indian guy, or a non-Taoist Chinese who reacted instead? What if it turned out into an actual fist fight? Were they prepared for it?

Secondly, by doing the burning not is a different neighbourhood altogether, they give the wrong impression that this practice can be done anywhere. If it can indeed be done anywhere, why not do it on Pulau Semakau, further away from mainland Singapore and no one to be offended by you. If you were not so ignorant, you'd have known that the offerings for the ancestors have to be near your house.

Don't go around looking for trouble and give people the wrong impression. In Singapore, racial and religious harmony is already so superficial. We don't need a bunch of idiots to make it more confusing.


The writer, Kelvin, is ashamed of these idiots.





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