Trust our Government to lose sight of their priorities! Yesterday, a Clean Plate Campaign was launched at the Old Airport Hawker Centre where volunteers will go around telling people to finish their food. It is part of an effort to reduce food wastage and increase awareness in Singapore. 

The campaign was the brainchild of MP Lim Biow Chuan, who said that his mother always reminded him to finish his food. 

While it may be in good faith, is this the most important thing Singaporeans need right now? Why not address the issue about steep hawker rentals and outrageous 20-cent-per-tray charges? 

Some netizens were not in favour of the campaign as they thought it was rude to go around telling people to finish their food. 

"This should be taught by parents"

"Smlj I paid for my food I don't eat is my problem"

"So many pressing issues, yet some smart alec thinks this is a higher priority"

"They should come up with a good food campaign to get hawkers to cook tastier food to discourage wastage from shitty food"

"They won't even leave you in peace while eating"

Way to go PAP.

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