The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has released a summarised list of its plan for Singaporeans should they be chosen to lead the nation. So far, netizens have shown their support and were welcome to their ideas. The SDP plans to:

1. Cut ministerial salary
2. Tax the rich by 1% more
3. Have a revenue-neutral budget
4. Abolish GST 
5. Enforce a minimum wage
6. Reinstate estate duty
7. Make HDB cheaper
8. Make healthcare more affordable
9. Return CPF at 55 years old
10. Stop wasteful public spending

These points are all part of their policy A Better Life For All: Keeping The Cost Of Living In Singapore Affordable, which is available online. 

The SDP has been gearing up on its campaigning in hopes of being prepared for the next General Election. Prior to publishing its policy, the SDP was busy gathering people and keeping them updated on the party's happenings. 

"Remember, we are not helpless, let's create an unstoppable force for positive change for our nation."

#SDPNow #TheWayForward

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