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Maybank Kim Eng Research predicted that our economy will suffer from a "shallow technical recession" in the next quarter.

This prediction was based on the challenging global outlook.

For an export-oriented economy like Singapore's, the trade-conflict between the US and PRC will have a significant impact on our economy. 

Maybank does not expect the government's export growth estimates this year to be met, with its revised prediction standing at 1.3%.

All this means is that the time may be ripe for the PAP government to call for an election.

It will request Singaporeans for the mandate to steer Singapore through these tough economic conditions, banking on its track record. Will Singaporeans give them the mandate?


Singapore has one of the highest cost of living in the world. It's not going to get any cheaper with a slew of revisions announced in recent times.

Kok Ming Cheang, of the People's Voice Party (PVP), lays the blame at the government. Singaporeans wouldn't disagree when he calls the PAP government a "money-driven government".

Kok explains that such a government knows no other ways than to increase levies, taxes, and fines.

Such kind of money-minded government knows no better ways except by upping levies, taxes and fines on its citizens and people living in Singapore. They do so with minimal resistance from Singaporeans. 

It achieves this by simply directing its public service agencies like URA and HDB to up their penalty rates to bring in more revenue immediately. This is understandable as the other agencies have done their duties to pull in more revenue for the government coffers like hike in water and electricity rates, parking rates, diesel tax, etc.

A simple press release by URA and HDB on 24-6-19 jacked up fines for illegal parking , parking without coupons or activation of digital parking or just over-parking by exceeding the time provided in the parking coupons.

It looks like a desperate attempt to squeeze more money from even the man in the street who has to ride a motorcycle to deliver food, drive a private-hire car or a heavy vehicle for business.

For illegal parking of motorcycles, the fine goes up from $25 to $35, for cars from $50 to $70 and heavy vehicles from $80 to $100, a rise of 40%, 40% and 25% respectively.

For parking without a coupon or activation of digital parking, fine remains at $8 unchanged for motorcycles but increases by 33% for cars and 25% for heavy vehicles.

For overparking, no change in fines for motorcycles but for cars , increase from $6-$20 to $8-$24 and heavy vehicles from $12-$40 to $16-$48, an increase of 20% to 33%.

Of course, this is to the disadvantage of Singaporeans who struggle on their meagre wages.

For a driver of a cab or commercial vehicle or a motorcyclist who delivers food, the increases in fines can mean the loss of one or two days’ earnings. Peanuts for millionaire ministers but bread and butter for the ordinary folks.

In fact, MHA even preceded URA and HDB when it announced on 21-2-19, bigger fines across the board for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, found guilty with traffic offenses. It is easy to justify the hefty increases in traffic fines as making them as deterrent to errant motorists. But to jack up the fines by 30% to 100% and even above to 117% is another matter, a very serious matter for people who have to drive scar or ride a bike for a living.

Even for an offence which does not incur demerit points, the fines go up by 40% and 50% for light and heavy vehicles respectively. For offences which attract 12 demerit points, the fines go up by 100% and above for light and heavy vehicles respectively.

Such kind of hefty increases in fines merely eat into the pockets of ordinary folks and create unforeseen burden for them, justifications by government agencies aside.

For Kok, the lack of any resistance from inside and outside of paliament is a sign that the governent lacks the creativity to think of alternative sources of revenue. Hence, they burden the people to "beef up the government coffer". 

Kok reasoned that this happens in Singapore because of the PAP's parliamentary dominance over the past 50 years. 

In PVP, Kok assured Singaporeans that they will have a party that will put a stop to such "abuse of power". 

Politically, it cannot be business as normal in Singapore.

The PAP has to be responsible for their policies that have put a strain on Singaporeans. To that effectively, there needs to be more quality opposition in the Parliament. With this commitment, Singaporens should give consideration to what the PVP has to offer.

Pritam Singh, the Sec-Gen of the Workers' Party, often goes on house visits. Occassionally, he will across some life gems in during these visit. 

Last night was one such instance.

Singh shared that:

Perhaps it is fitting that the photo is not the best, in contrast to the lights above Mdm Aishah’s door that are shining brightly.

I met Mdm Aishah and her next door neighbour, Mr Loh - seen here with his grandson - during house visits tonight.

With Hari Raya around the corner a few weeks ago, Mdm Aishah wanted to spruce up her home. But with a medical condition, it was not such a simple task to affix lights above her door. However, when your have a neighbour like Mr Loh, one is thankful, grateful and blessed. He got his gear together, climbed up and installed the Hari Raya lights for her.

We all come across little stories like these that teach us so much about people, and the sort of person each of us can become. With most Singaporeans living cheek by jowl next to each other in high-rise HDB housing and condos, we have tremendous potential to shape the Singapore we want - kind, tolerant and a place we are proud to call home, bustling with helpful people making a positive difference in the lives of others, no matter how small - to say nothing of being outstanding ambassadors of our multi-religious society. And what does it take? Just a big heart.

Thank you Mr Loh for reminding me of the often heard quote - “Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much.”

Indeed, this is a heartwarming story that deserves to be shared. It is a reminder of what Singapore is and what it could be if all Singaporeans, regardless of race religion, or status, open their minds up and embrace one another.

You don't have to be rich or educated. You just need the right mindset to contribute, and give as much as is possible. 

Local independent film-maker, Martyn See, raised several pointed questions on the classification of a short video produced by that featured a PAP politician, Dr Janil Puthucheary (JP). The video concerned was titled "Things you didn't know you had to ask the Senior Minister of State for Transport". It featured JP in his capacity as the SMS for MoT.

In dicussing transport issues, the video concerned also touched on JP's background, painting him as an average Singaporean, and also a relatable politician.

See has sought clarification from Infocomm and Media Development Authority (IMDA) regarding the classification of the video. As this was not a video produced by the government, technically, the video then does not qualify for exemption under the Section 40 of the Film Act. Section 33 of the said Act criminialises the production exhibition and production of party political films (PPF).


For See, the video clearly contained "biased political matter, a political person promoting a political issue, party logos, unscripted dialogue, graphics and animation".

He thus questioned if the video had been submitted for classification and if so, to diclose and explain the classification it received or would receive.

This is a critical issue that requires clarity from IMDA.

It would enable Singaporeans to obtain a better understanding on what constitues a PPF so that they don't run foul of the law. 

A netizen was unimpressed by a couple of grassroots actvitsts who had come by to her apartment to pass her a "Merdeka Generation" brochure.

While the grassroots activists were quick to laud the benefits of the package, they were unable to reassure, and engage the netizen constructively on issues such as the CPF withdrawals and the high cost of living.

The netizen called out the package for what it is - an attempt to rally support among the Merdeka generation for the PAP, ahead of  the elections.

In the end, the activists left without addressing the concerns raised by the netizen.

The netizen's account of the meeting is here:

Yesterday a couple of PAP grassroots from cc came to my flat to pass me a 'Merdeka G" brochure. They try to do a hard sell, juz to highlight the benefits I wld get from Merdeka Generation package.

I ask them all these socalled benefits using whose money ? I keep on countering the two clowns on all the issues like cpf withdrawal, costs of living and told them tat this was just bribery ploy to get us to support PAP. I hantam n hantam until all bua tahan.

Whats the use of such benefits when u are unemployed, no steady income and struggle everyday for basic necessities.? Wat Merdeka generation?

Better born a foreigner can come here and take all kinds of good paying jobs. Giving us stupid kacang putih benefits but not addressing our real survival issues in high cost lousy own backyard where everyday getting stab by own self enriching leaders and overrun out of any job opportunity by imported cheap foreigners who come here laughing at us.

In the end, the 2 pap idiots gave up and hurriedly chabut from my unending blasting!! Lol.


The official launch of the Progress Singapore Party (PSP) formed by Dr Tan Cheng Bock, was slated to take place on 15 Jun 2019, at the Singapore Expo Expo.

Dr Tan has since updated that the event has been postponed indefinitely as they have not received the relevant permits for the event. Among the permits still pending are the Police Permit and the Public Entertainment Licence.

Elaborating further, Dr Tan explained that he has instructed his team to comply with the regulations. 

They are now looking at a launch date some time in end June or in July.

This postponement will come as a disappointment to many supporters of PSP and Dr Tan. Many have been looking forward to it.

However, their support will not waver. In fact, this slight setback will reaffirm their support for the party. 

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