As the world grapples with COVID-19, PAP has one eye on the elections, which is due to be called by April 2021. Various opposition leaders have criticised the PAP for even considering to have an election very soon.

One of those who spoke against calling for a General Election (GE) now is Dr Tan Cheng Bock of the Progress Singapore Party (PSP). 

As a medical doctor himself, Dr Tan is acutely aware of the threat from COVID-19 and how it can transmit during the election period, through the dense crowds that normally throng opposition rallies

During the campaign period, there will be rallies and many large group election activities being held. Is this a risk we want to take? There is this potential mass exposure to the virus.

So, holding a general election at this time should not be considered. We should put politics aside. Take care of our people's health and welfare first," he added, pointing out that the United States and Britain have postponed elections so far.

Dr Tan also suggested that the President can also use her executive authority to form a caretaker government should the pandemic situation not abate, by the time the PAP's full term ends.

At the crux is the well-being of Singaporeans. Without the citizens, Singapore, and the Singapore government is nothing.

If the PAP is confident of itself and its policies, it should not fear postponing the elections till the global situation is clearer. The people will decide. 

PAP appears to have lost sight of the purpose of its existence - to serve the people, not its own political self-interest. Don't gamble with the life of the people.



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