Hong Lim Park sure is busy these days. Lim Tean will be holding another rally, "Where Is The Accountability In Singapore?", at the Speakers' Corner on 16 Mar 2019. This follows his previous rally on abuse of process.

The rally will talk about how the PAP elites have messed up the lives of Singaporeans "whilst being paid extraordinarily high remuneration". 

"Our frequent train break downs, NS deaths, fiascos in the Ministry Of Health, diabolical mandatory medical schemes forced upon us by the Government, constant changes to the CPF rules and delay in payment etc."

Even after all this, the government does not care to be accountable to Singaporeans: "Incompetent Ministers and establishment figures are never sacked and neither do they have the decency to resign when found lacking."

It is about time Singapore citizens demanded for answers or at least some accountability. How can we as citizens let them escape with so much money but so little effort?

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