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Aloysius Pang's funeral was held over the weekend at 82A Macpherson Lane. Many fans, young and old came to grief and pay their respects to him. While funerals are a generally sad event, there are no rules that you can't show any other emotions. Some people laugh while they reminisce about the good old times. Some smile sadly and some just cry.

Influencer Soh Pei Shi was caught on camera by a Today reporter, laughing. The picture was published on their Instagram page. Soh Pei Shi then received a lot of flak for laughing at the funeral. Netizens were asking "what's so funny", "why is she so rude", etc.

While we understand why the fans are angry with her for laughing at the funeral, they should also come to terms with the fact that some people have different coping mechanisms.

Soh Pei Shi then posted a Insta story to apologize and explain her side of the story:

She explained that she was having a private discussion with her friends about an old story with Aloysius. Which they laughed about as it was a happy memory. She then subsequently apologized for how the picture turned out. 

However, her good friend Jayley Woo spoke up for her after she apologized for the messes:

Jayley thought that Soh Pei Shi didn't have to apologize as she did nothing wrong and hoped that those who jumped to conclusions would apologize instead.

While we are all grieving, we should also keep in mind that everybody has different ways of coping. Some think of the happy memories while some just want to break down and cry. We should not be too quick to assume that some people do not have any respect for the departed.

In an online post, an anonymous user who said she is a girl and is currently in a relationship with a guy. However, she wrote in the online forum asking for advice, as according to her, the boyfriend was found to surf and frequent sites such as Sammyboy forum.

Sammyboy Forum is a Singapore sex-themed forum with discussions on sex, hiring of prostitutes and even rating massage parlour for their sex services offered by the girls working there. The forum recently came under the spotlight when 6 of the forumers were caught taking upskirt photos and videos of unsuspecting women in SG, and their videos and photos were shared in the forum. 

According to the girl, she can accept it if her boyfriend had paid sex with other women before their relationship, but she is not ok if the boyfriend partakes in a forum that encourages the sexual objectification of women. She then asked if she should end her relationship with the boyfriend. 

Singaporeans have a love-hate relationship with McDonald's. Take Assiddiq Sallim for example, who was very angry at the fast food chain for removing the Spicy Chicken McWrap from their menu. 

You must read his story.

"From a young age I had a strong dislike of white bread to the point that i was unable to consume it... for many years since then have i felt left out and jealous as my peers would share how much they love the McSpicy chicken."

Imagine how happy he must have been when McDonald's introduced a Spicy Chicken McWrap? He would eat it every week because he doesn't have to deal with disgusting white bread anymore.

But imagine how his world collapse when they removed it from the menu a few weeks ago. He could not find anything elsewhere that tastes as satisfying and was confused as to why it was discontinued. 

"I was disappointed, distraught, confused and most of all hungry."

Poor Assiddiq. Can McDonald's save him from hunger by putting the Spicy Chicken McWrap back on its menu? Surely there's more than one customer who is starving without the McWrap.

A well known local property agent who goes by the name Syafiq Focus announced via his Facebook post that he is giving away certain caregiving items for free. The items were meant for his father, who passed away on December 19 last year, and the items are still brand new.

In the Facebook post, Syafiq Focus indicated that the items are all brand new, and was brought straight from the suppliers. Among the items to be given away were a roller chair, vanilla-flavoured pocket milk, whey protein supplement and adult diapers.

The only catch is that the interested parties have to self-collect the items. Interested parties were urged to contact him immediately.


Have you tried the newest creation, salted egg fries, from Mcdonalds? Many fans of the now popular salted egg sauce flocked to Mcdonalds yesterday to try it out, only to be disappointed. Here are some of the comments by netizens:

Redditor Kirinfal started a thread with the title: PSA: Do NOT buy the McDonald's Salted Egg Yolk Fries if you want to eat salted egg yolk fries.

To elaborate:

It tastes like a mix between overseasoned Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup and slightly warm mayonnaise, along with a dash of shattered dreams.

Try it at your own risk.

Many of the netizens who commented also lamented about how sad the fries tasted. They tasted different things such as sadness and shattered dreams but not salted egg.

 Singapore Meme page Kiasu Memes For Singaporean Teens touted it as the worst food of 2019:

These are just a few examples of reviews from Singaporeans. Will you still try it? I know I will. Because I'm still a kiasu Singaporean at heart.

2019 have not got off on a good start, it seems. Accidents, Singapore's economy not meeting its targeted growth, and now, it has been confirmed - Crabtree & Evelyn is closing down all of its 12 stores in SG over the next few months.

The store said that they were moving all their businesses online. However, the main retailer of the UK based company had filed for bankruptcy protection in Canada in December 2018 due to significant loses. It was then rumoured that the brand will close all its stores worlwide. In Singapore itself, some of its stores have already emptied out of good s and shut their doors. 

In what was perhaps a  last drive to drum up sales, during the Xmas period in SG, the stores were selling their products with discounts of up to 70%, and long queues were seen in the stores. Its stores at Suntec City and Plaza Singapura were closed on Wednesday (Jan. 2) and Thursday (Jan. 3), while The Raffles City, Ngee Ann City, Paragon and VivoCity outlets still had half-empty shelves and items on sale. Their VIP membership programme ceased on Dec. 31, 2018.

Those who are still holding on to the vouchers and have unredeemed points from their membership are advised to use them out on non-discounted items by 31 January at the few remaining stores opened, and while there are still stocks left. 

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