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On Wednesday Sept 26, actress Joanne Peh was involved in an accident where her car was hit from behind while she was on her to  Mediacorp. But Joanne Peh told media that what surprised her the most was when the accident occurred, someone immediately came forward and offered her services for car repairs and insurance claim.

Where did these people come from? Normally, when one is involved in an accident, only the drivers involved would be talking to each other. So, if this guy was not involved in the accident, where did he come from, and why suddenly solicit for business? Sounds fishy. Was the guy following Joanne Peh around?

For those still interested in the accident, Joanne Peh was given two days home rest before returning to work on Friday. She reassured everyone that she was fine, and that apart from minor pain in her neck and wrist, she suffered no other injuries.

Singaporeans can save on medical fees already. Meet Pastor Patrick Loh, "prophetic teacher" and "revivalist healer" at Soakability Church. He recently claimed that he healed someone of blurry vision and bad knees. 

"I said, 'let's pray again'. This time, I felt led to rebuke the spirit of blindness as I prayed. I got her to test her eye again and this time she said that my face looked much clearer to her.

I prayed one more time, rebuking the sprit of blindness and when she checked her right eye again, she could see the lady ten feet away.

'Let's pray one more time', I said. I prayed again and this time, she could see the nose and facial features of the worship leader at the other side of the room."


Pastor Patrick Loh seems like a powerful healer. He claimed to heal people of high blood pressure, Parkinson's disease and misaligned hands and legs. POWER RIGHT? Not sure if it's free of charge but should be lah.

If you were wondering where his super powers came from, Pastor Loh went to the Soakability School of the Supernatural (SSS), which helps people "move in the supernatural gifts of the Spirit" and carries God's healing into the streets. 

The next time you are ill and want to save money, perhaps you can consider going to Pastor Patrick. 

Alternatively, you can ownself heal ownself by enrolling for their free online classes here. Good luck and may the force be with you.

In just two days time, StarHub customers will face losing yet more channels under their StarHub subscription. And every time this happens, StarHub keeps insisting to its customers that these channel lost will be replaced with new ones. In case anyone is keeping score, StarHub is removing or is forced to remove 11 channels from the Basic / Lifestyle group of channels. And they have successfully added only four new channels to replace the ones lost.

Their line of communication is the same throughout, that StarHub is working hard to add more quality channels for subscribers. But thus far, no announcements on what these new channels are, and when they will be added.

Meantime, customers still pay the same subscription rates even though most to the channels that were around when they signed up is now no longer available. And to add insult to injury, out of the 11 channels lost, only 4 new ones are added. So basically, StarHub customers have been shortchanged.

The Hungry Ghost Festival is here. Just what are some of the things Singaporeans should or should not do during this month?

1. Don't stay out too late. The spirits may follow you back.

2. Don't take selfies or photos at night. You might find an extra person in your photos.

3. Don't open an umbrella, especially a red one, at home. Spirits might flock there to seek shelter.

4. Don't spit or blow your nose at any tree/plant. Don't know why.

5. Don't kill any insects that fly into your home. It could be the reincarnation of someone you know.

6. Don't get married. Will kena bad luck.

7. Don't renovate your house. Later disturb them.

8. Don't hang your clothes overnight. They might possess your clothes (?)

9. Don't stick chopsticks straight up in your rice bowl. They will misunderstand that it is their rice bowl.

10. Don't work overtime too late. If you see something in office nobody will believe you. Plus it is bad for your physical and mental health. Plus you don't get paid much. Plus it's not worth it. Plus your boss won't praise you. Plus you'll be so tired you end up seeing things.

So don't say we didn't warn you. Sometimes not good to have too many "friends".

Credits to Fengshui Beginner

Singapore Airlines Group's popular budget airline Scoot will be raising fares by an average of 5% due to the surge on jet fuel prices. The fare hike will be effective 1 September 2018. The airline said that the fare hike will have an additional S$5 to S$30 to the cost of each one-way flight, depending on the flight duration, in a news release on 2 August 2018.

Scoot said that jet fuel prices have increased by almost 40% year-on-year and are now close to S$123 per barrel on average. Regulators in Japan and Taiwan have allowed airlines to put in place fuel surcharges due to the higher oil prices. Air New Zealand also announced a 5% increase in domestic fares due to rising costs in May.

So if you want to book your air tickets from Scoot, make sure to do so before 1 September 2018 to avoid the fare hike!

An ex-Singapore police officer, Sashi Cheliah (39), did us proud by emerging as the champion of MasterChef Australia 2018 and that's not all; he also managed to get the highest score ever attained in the show's 10 year history, 93/100.

Sashi Cheliah moved to Australia six years ago and became a prison officer there as well. He started to cook regularly as he missed the local fare. He started to get recipes from his mother and also from Youtube videos. From winning the title of MasterChef Australia, Sashi is also taking home A$250,000 which he plans to invest into his own restaurant in the future, specialising  in Indian and Southeast Asian cuisine. Thinking back to his roots as a prison officer, he plans to use the restaurant to employ and rehabilitate ex-offenders. 

I guess you can say that he doesn't have to eat prison food again.


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