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You love Pringles? And do you also love your instant noodles? If the answer is yes to both, then the mash up between the two would surely whet your appetites! Pringles of the USA have teamed up with Japanese company Super Cup, to bring you the Pringles Instant Noodle!

The Pringles Instant Noodle is now made available in Singapore, with two different flavours, the sour cream and onion flavour which comes as dry noodles, and the Jalapeno and onion flavour that comes with a chicken soup base. Both costs $4.50, but what's not to like? 



A Singaporean Facebook user, Rachel Tan Shiying, recently started an online bookshop on Carousell that caters to the LGBT community. Named "the queer bookstore", it hopes to give more representation to the gender queer, homosexuals, bisexuals, etc in Singapore.

She said: "Books literally saved my life. The bookstore exists to help others like me. I'm creating an online queer bookstore in Singapore so that I can save up some cash before setting up a brick-and-mortar for real."

The Carousell page has 19 listings which stocks books in both English and Chinese. 

Unfortunately, even if she saves up enough for an actual shop next time, do you think our elite, efficient authorities will approve of it? Will The Queer Bookstore see the light at the end of the tunnel? For now, it's not a lot, but it's a start. A good start.

Christmas is coming. Have you ever wondered what tropical Singapore will look like if it had winter? 

Artist Sean Lee has imagined it and almost made it look like it came true. He created a series of photos showing snow and penguins in various parts of Singapore and they look gorgeous. 

The Facebook album has close to 4,000 shares now. 

Who says Christmas can only be pretty with Disney characters? 

Singaporeans are having more encounters with wildlife now that their habitats are slowly disappearing. Just today, a man found a huge snake by the side of the road from Mandai towards City via Upper Thomson Rd. 

He said: "I'm not sure if this snake is alive or dead but it seems that the snake [is] still intact.. Hopefully if he is still alive he can be rescued."

Road users are advised to be careful and stay clear of the animal. It is uncertain if the authorities are on to it but they better darn well be.



Singapore is truly a Smart Nation. 

Singaporeans can now go to vending machines in various temples to ask for 4D numbers. They simply have to pay $2 to get a scratchcard from one of the "deities".

The machine is operated by Huat Huat Vending and can be found in Woodlands, Paya Lebar, Bugis and Balestier. Will you drop by to huat a while?

Who said Singaporeans are boring? Look how innovative we are!

It is no wonder we are a Smart Nation.


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