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Shaw at Lot One is closing down for renovations until 2020. Some of us might remember the cinema as a little dirty. But movie goers, especially those who stay near the shopping mall would definitely have went there before. 

Here are some photos of the cinema on their last day:




Will you miss this place? Well at least they're not gone forever. Meanwhile, can still go Jurong East or West Mall la, so nearby only.


A photo on Newton MRT of Samuel L Jackson's character, Nick Fury in the Marvel Universe, went viral on Reddit. In fact, it got so viral, the actor himself saw the photo!

This is the photo:


The eyepatch was supposed to be over the left eye of the character. However, the posters show two different images.



Samuel L Jackson took to Instagram with this photo with the caption "Uhhhhhhh, What In The Actual FUCK IS GOING ON HERE???!!! #headsgonroll #lefteyemuthafukkah". 

SMRT got some explaining to do.

Step aside bubble teas, Gram Cafe and Pancakes, a brand famous from Osaka, Japan, opened at Vivo City on 16 June. On that day, Singaporeans queue for over 4 hours just to have a taste of the bouncy pancakes. 


The cafe is known for their premium pancakes which are only made available in three timeslots a day - 11am, 3pm and 6pm with only 30 servings at each slot. These pancakes cost S$17.90. 


According to Sin Ming Daily News, each customer has to order at least a serving of pancake or a drink. Which means for two customers, they have to order at least one pancake and a drink or two pancakes or two drinks. 

The 38 seater cafe also has a cap of one hour dining time. Manager of the cafe also said that customers area lso willing to queue for other things on the menu other than the premium pancakes.


Would you queue that long for pancakes?

If you are a Carousell user, you'd probably have encountered low-ballers whom, if they can help it, want to pay nothing for the things you are selling. There are also trolls that are not even selling anything at all.

Now, meet the creeps - desperate Singaporean men who just can't leave a female Carouseller alone.





Guys, if you are that stupid, please know that such messages constitute sexual harassment. 

There are others with even more creepy fetishes like armpit sweat and pre-loved bras.




These men are such losers and give Singaporean guys a bad name.

Carousell is a place for people to sell their goods. They did not sign up to get sexually harassed, regardless of how they where, whatever they wear. 

This behaviour is unacceptable. 

Stop it.




So a bus driver of service 59 imparted a very useful life lesson to a young netizen while the netizen was on his way to work. This lesson was so profound that the netizen shared it on his social media. Now, we're sharing it with you. 

Don't forget where you come from. 

The day started as usual for the netizen until he boarded the said bus (registration number SG3017X) to work.

Instead of moving off from the bus stop as usual, on this day, the bus driver inched forward, stopped his bus, and threw out a packet of bread to some construction workers who were laying cables, before starting off on the journey again.

Out of curiosity, the netizen approached the driver to ask him about what he did.

That's when the driver revealed that he had previously started out as a construction worker when he was still in his early 20s. It was then when he received an advice from a foreign supervisor from India whom he would never forget. The supervisor questioned the bus-uncle's decision to work in the construction industry due to his young age, encouraging the then-young man to pick up other skills to enable him to earn more money.

The driver never forgot the advice.

Him giving the construction workers the bread was a way of reminding himself of where he came from, of his roots.

Parents spend their time and money to ensure that their children do well in school but it is precious life lessons like these that needs to be inculcated among the young. By teaching our children the right values, they will grow up to be responsible adults who can be trusted to make responsible decisions in the future.

Thank you uncle for that pearl of wisdom.

BT21 are a bunch of cartoon characters creator by Korean Boy Band BTS. BTS recently got their own advertisement on our Dhoby Ghaut MRT station thanks to the Singapore ARMY, no not SAF. ARMY is what the fans of BTS call themselves.

With that much dedication coming from their fans, we wouldn't be surprised if the shirts get sold out on the day of release itself. 

Uniqlo recently released a Kaws x Uniqlo collection which got sold out quickly. Their collaboration designs has a huge following with people looking out for designs collaborated with famous artists/singers.

Will you be rushing down to the store for one of the shirts too?

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