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Singpost never fails to disappoint. After a spate of unfortunate incidents, it continues to live up to it reputation by making its customers angry. 

Someone actually took a video of the arduous process of taking out his parcel from the letterbox. The parcel looked to be a little bigger than the letterbox but was probably forcefully stuffed into it. 

The angry customer took to Facebook to seek answers for the lousy delivery service. Thanks to Singpost, his parcel ended up in a damaged shape. 

He was angry again when Singpost gave a standard, template reply and argued that the postman should have delivered it to his doorstep instead. 

Way to go, Singpost. 

The postman might have thought that it only needed a small space. Too bad for him, he thought wrong. 



"I had a 1 day course in Orchard area once... So lots of people. Everyone's going in and out of toilet.

I can't shit like that. Need some peace and quiet. So I clamped down on my shit hard and hunkered down. Figured I'd find some place to shit in peace after the course...

Just nice. I know OC had little foot traffic at that time, so I figured that'd be the perfect place to do the deed.

So I went right up to the top of OC. Top of OC is a nice place. There's a small garden even. But the toilets were absolutely filthy. Perhaps the cleaners were slacking, thinking that they don't need to clean it as much since there's less people.

I've no choice. The barbarians were already at the front gates with a gigantic battering ram. The tip of the ram was already peeking through the mighty gates. So I used one of those squatting cubicles.

Here's where I fucked up. After the deed was done, IT WOULDN'T FLUSH."

For those who have had such shitty encounters, fret not. Some Singaporeans have provided recommendations on the best places to do your serious business. To make things simple, we have compiled a list of

Top 10 Best Toilets To Shit At

1. Jewel Changi Airport: 

"Like insanely huge toilets"

"Smells like Hong Kong, clean like Japan. What more can you ask for, a 11 out of 10"

2. Ion Orchard

"Squeaky clean, spotless and pleasant smelling"

"Even cleaner than my house toilet"

"Ion will forever have a place in my heart"

3. Takashimaya

"Poop worthy"

"Some of the toilets in Taka have water spray on ur butt to clean it, definitely once a life time thing to try"

4. Paragon, Level 6

"Cleanest toilets I've ever used"

"That used to be my favorite shit and chill spot when I was working at Takashimaya"

5. Plaza Singapura, near Uniqlo

"Poop worthy"

6. Wisma Atria, near Japan Food Town

"They have Japanese bidets"

7. Vivo City

8. Changi Airport T2 Meteorological Service Singapore 

"It can get a bit creepy at night though"

9. RWS Convention Centre

10. Holland Village Shopping Centre


You're welcome. Now that's some useful shit ;)


Brainwashing Education starts young. A picture of a Primary School Chinese textbook has been making the rounds on the Internet and offering glimpses of what students learn in schools today. 

According to one of the stories in the textbook, there was once upon a time, a great gardener who painstakingly sowed the seeds for Singapore's success. The loose translation goes like this:

Once upon a time, the gardener planted a tree in Holland Village. Since then, he will plant a tree every year, without fail, on our small little island. 

Today, the small island has flourished into a huge garden with tall, strong trees and flowers in bloom. 

We live in this beautiful island. We love this beautiful garden. We are grateful to the great gardener and he is none other than Mr Lee Kuan Yew! 

Yay. Happy story, happy ending. 

Their feel-good education will only give the younger generation a rude shock when they learn about the harsh realities of living in this beautiful garden.

And by then, there will be nobody to teach them how to cope or survive. 


Time to say goodbye to the Katong laksa, curry chicken and cheap sports apparels from Queensway shopping centre as it is going up for en bloc after 43 years since it first opened it's doors in 1976. 

Shoppers usually go there for sports apparels at bargain deals, or just for a bowl of laksa/curry chicken. The mall used to have a higher traffic with people treating it as the sports mall of Singapore. The mall has reportedly started it's en bloc process together with the adjacent housing apartment, Queensway Tower.

With the introduction of other more accessible retail outlets such as Decathlon, the footfall in Queensway have received a hit of lower footfall in recent years. Some of the store owners are reportedly for a potential en bloc sale.

Is this the end of an era? 

A lady with the Instagram handle @geometrieva went viral previously when she posted a photo of herself in a Mount Elizabeth hospital gown. She managed to make the gown look so stylish that it made hypebeasts drool and asked where she got her outfit from. Here's a photo of it:

She claimed that she tried to ask if she could purchase the gowns but was rejected by the workers there.

Her post went viral internationally overnight after she posted the photo. On 26 April 2019, she started a new Reddit thread with this photo attached:

Looking at her Instagram, she posted a series of photos of gifts allegedly given to her by Mount Elizabeth Hospital. In it, she received premium tea bags, a greeting card, metal straws (stay woke y'all, save the environment) and of course, gowns!

She then wasted no time in playing dress up.

Does this make you feel like getting hospitalized?

A Chinese couple is offering $3000 reward to anyone who finds their lost teddy bear. That's a lot of money for a soft toy.

The couple lost their beloved bear while they were in Singapore. They were on a cruise trip that stopped by several countries including Singapore, where they specifically lost it around the Marina South Pier area. 

And yes, the soft toy is worth that much to them. It is a symbol of their relationship. They treat it like their "son" and bring it everywhere with them. 

"We travel together, we eat together, we drink together, we sleep together, we watch TV together, we taking picture together. he is already become part of our family."

The couple feels guilty because they cannot find their lost "son" and have been skipping meals and losing sleep over it. 

Not sure if people will actively help them find it or just find them insane and dismiss the matter entirely. 

Poor soft toy but worse, poor couple.

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