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A Redditporean just went on to Reddit to ask for help - His/her sister had her sole of her feet touched and taken photos of just outside her house. Needless to say, the sister was incredibly creeped out. Which brings us to the question - THIS TYPE OF THING NEED TO ASK MEH??? REPORT POLIS LA.

The perpetrator got the girl to agree to him taking photos of her sole by saying it was a "church project" with "many ministers attending". The girl only agreed to do it to shut the man up as he was not taking no for an answer. Remember, if anybody is making you feel creeped out, just shout for help and call polis. Don't be another victim. Now this girl's feet pics are in this guy's photo album. Now how? The pervert even claims to be living close by. Hope the girl doesn't get stalked.

You can read his full post here:

Creep took photos of my sisters sole. Help?

Help me decide did my sister get lowkey molested or was this some legit thing?!? Happened like an hour ago.So my sister(18) was heading home from school when a stranger (20yrs old? Male) dashed into the lift. It wasnt a familiar face, definitely not from my block. He followed my sister out the lift and pestered her for a "very quick survey for a church event". My sis kept refusing but he kept blocking her from going moving. Reluctantly, she complied just to shut him up and he asked 3 questions.

1. Are you still finding your dream goal?

2. Who or what makes you happy?

3. When was the last time you did something new?

It didnt sound right at all man like what??. After the survey, he showed my sis a photo of the sole of the leg with words written on it, saying that its part of a project, and they want to make it a world record. He added that ministers will be attending the event. He then asked if he could write words on my sister's leg and then take a photo. My sister then kept rejecting because its weird af. but he didnt take no for an answer. She agreed to allow him to take a photo of her leg, but with no words (she didnt want him to touch her.) he told my sis to sit on the floor and he started snapping photos of the sole of the feet(alot of photos) . All this happened right outside my door and my dumb self was making tea at home. So while he was taking the photos, he adjusted her toes every now and then. Then, he said "your legs are big, was thinking if it would be ticklish to write on it". As he said that, he ran his finger slowly down her sole. Naturally, my sis gave the "im creeped out" look. And he commented that thats a cute reaction to make. After he was done, he said that hes my sister's neighbour because he lives a block away, and he hopes to see her soon.So.. Is this a legit church thing?(I really doubt so) or my sister just encountered some foot fetish creep? What should I do? Use SGSecure report?

TLDR:Creep followed my sister up the lift, asked creepy questions and took photos of her sole. touched it plenty too. Idk what to do?!?

Following the match against Yemen at the Singapore Sports Hub yesterday, an incident involving the management and our own local supporters became the highlight.

This video caught a partial conversation between representatives of the two sides.

It is said that the Sports Hub people wanted to remove a "dangerous" banner put up by the supporters during the game.

However as the Singa Brigade cheer was so loud, their conversation could not be heard in the video.

You can see that despite them removing the banner, the supporters put up a solid arguement with the management people who were not going to back down.

Eventually another representative of the supporters ended off the conversation amicably, with constant nodding and just full of cooperation.

After the management people started walking away, some of the supporters at the back shouted insults at them.

In an update given not long later, it is said that it was FIFA Match Commisioner that asked to remove the said banner.

And that there were also other "logistical problems" by the Singapore Sports Hub like pre-approved flag poles not being allowed to use etc.

Many netizens asked what was this mysterious banner.

All we know is that from the video, the banner that the supporters removed was black in color.

Some said that it had a text sayng "Have a nice day". 


So leceh and Singapore football is not doing well.

Luckily we still have fans, supporters that turn up for local matches yet kena harrassed.

How to support Singapore football like this? 

Yes you read it right. Ho Jinx and Pinky's youngest son, Li Haoyi has his own Patreon page. Patreon is used for crowdfunding in exchange for more content from the creators. 

Li Haoyi has 3 tiers on his Patereon page, $5 a month, $25 a month and $125 a month. 

For his $5 tier it states:

  • Buy me a beer as thanks for my open-source libraries that you're using!
  • Feel good about contributing something to the open-source Scala world

The $25 tier states:

  • Buy me dinner as thanks for my open-source libraries that you're using!
  • Give something back for all the time that my open-source libraries have saved you

And the $125 tier states:

  • I'll give you a shout-out on twitter as thanks!

The son of our Prime Minister, giving you a shoutout for your donation of $125 a month? This is probably on worth it for rich PAPigs who want to get recognized by their masters. I mean come on, you can do so much more with $125 a month. And buying him a beer/dinner? Seriously? His parents are already taking money from us every single day and he thinks daft sinkies will continue to contribute to his family? I rather buy the beer/dinner for myself thank you very much. 

After netizens made the ghost of Yishun's Blk 317 a viral sensation, many were becoming afraid of the carpark ghost.

It started on Monday, when a lady going up the multi-strorey carpark in her car saw this white lady briefly entering the lift.

The lady that witnessed it desribed her feelings as being fearful.

Conincidentally, other netizens informed that on that very same day, at about close to 10 pm, several residents in the neighbouring blocks heard a piering scream.


One informed that when he looked out the window, he saw these students at the carpark. One of them likely being the white hantu.

Finally one of the members of the trio came out and shared to social media that the three of them were just making a short film for a school project. 

The member also publicly apologise for unintentionally causing fear and shock to the residents there. 

Happy ending!

Terry Xu from The Online Citizen was sent a letter which asked them to remove an article from their site as well as the post linking to the article on their Facebook page on 1 September 2019. PM Lee gave him three days to remove said article.

Xu responded last night with his own letter which is now fully posted on their Facebook and website. In the letter, Xu claims that he has since reviewed the article and deemed it not defamatory as he "was merely republishing the words uttered by your (PM Lee's) siblings". He also mentioned that the focus of the article also gives rise to "issues of public interest"

Xu however, acknowledges that certain parts of the article might have been misinterpreted and apologized for it:

However, I am cognisant of the possibility that one reading the Article may be open to the misinterpretation of the timing of your removal as an executor and trustee of the will of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. It was not my intention to suggest that your removal as an executor in the will of Mr Lee Kuan Yew occurred after 2011. Neither did I intend to suggest that your removal as an executor and trustee of the will was a result of the issue of the gazetting of the 38 Oxley. I certainly recognise the possibility of the misinterpretation, which you have pointed out at paragraph 4 of your Letter. In that regard, I offer my apologies.
Xu ended the letter by saying that even though he fears the hefty fees from the legal proceedings, he will stand by his principles and stand by his love for Singapore and therefore, will not be removing his article nor the post. 
Kudos to Xu for being so brave and standing up to Pinky. We should all stand by him and fight together!
You can see his full post with the letter here:

A lady who is recording 2 police officers claimed that an officer (presumably the male officer) has snatched her handphone without her permission.

The lady then keep demanding for an ASP (a police officer with the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police) to settle her issue instead of the pair. 

The officers looked very agitated and wanted to leave the scene away from her quickly.

In the video, it is uncertain what actually too place or what the original 999 call was for. 

The Inspector can be seen to have been kind to the lady.

So it looks like the male Inspector and the female Sgt was harrassed by the lady ultimately.

What do you think?

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