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A Singaporean who goes by the name of 'Hendry' is seriously ill in a Hanoi hospital. His situation is deteriorating, and his family is getting desperate.

Hendry apparently worked in Hanoi as a daily-rated worker. He had pre-existing medical conditions. After contracting pneumonia, Hendry eventually developed a stroke. Only a brain angiography saved him from certain death. He, however, became paralysed on the left side of his body.

Due to his grave condition, the consent for the surgery was given by Hendry's son, Harist Sunil. This consent was reportedly conveyed via Whatsapp, to a representative from the Singapore Embassy in Vietnam. Harist did not notify his grandparents of this consent.

The bill amounted to $3,300. Due to their tight financial situation, the family is not able to pay the bill.

According to the family members, they were advised to raise the money and settle the bill at the soonest time possible, so that Hendry can afford to return to Singapore.

They were also advised to make arrangements to fetch Hendry from Hanoi.

The family claimed that they had appealed to the embassy in Vietnam to help settle the bill, and suggested that this can then be claimed from Hendry's own Medisave account. The embassy was allegedly unable to help.

The family would, once again, appeal to the embassy in Vietnam to help a countryman in medical distress. On top of that, the family would also like to appeal for assistance from the public.


child abuse 2

Way back in Feb/Mar, Polly posted a viral post on how her girl was physically abused in her childcare way back in July 2018. Police then requested Polly to give them time to investigate.

Then in March.. 8 mths AFTER Polly's gal got beaten up, Police FINALLY engaged a psychologist to interview her gal, as she has speech delay, she was asked to draw out the events instead. Polly can't go in to the interview room and was asked to wait outside. After 2 hrs, it finally ended.

child abuse 3

The SIO and psychologist showed Polly the drawings of what her girl drew.. she drew herself crying.. she drew where the teacher has beaten her.. she drew the teacher angry face.. she drew her classmates smiling faces. 

The police just called. They received updates from the AGM, or prosecutor or whoever it is.

child abuse 4


Whatever Polly's gal drew.. whatever pain was inflicted on her.. whatever mental trauma she went thru, whatever injury she had, it doesn't matter to the legal system. It doesn't matter to them... The teacher will probably be teaching somewhere else.. she will probably live her life as it was before..

child abuse 5

A dog abuse case.. even got a verdict. A child abuse case, NOTHING. LOL.. isn't it a joke in our legal system??

Polly was taught since young to have faith in our police force, in our legal system. Today, all of Polly's faith is gone.

child abuse 1


Mother of Louis Pang, the netizen who went online to plead for more to be done to find her mother, have been found. Her body was found in Terengganu waters wearing the life jacket.

Mrs Pang has been reported missing over the long weekend. She and her partner separated from the group of 13 other kayakers due to the bad weather. Her partner, Mr Tan Eng Soon, has not been found as of now.

Mrs Pang's body has been found by a fisherman on the noon of 13 August 2019.

Our condolences to her family members and friends.

Actually he kena quite a rabak lashing by this lady Bella Bella on Facebook.



Where's your due diligence Nas?




You need to Google a lot of things, incuding about yourself too!








There's still more..


"I, as a Sporean do not welcome u imposing this ignorant point-of-view of urs while u r in Spore n on our democratic nation. Pls pick another country."

Heard that Nas?








If TLDR, Nas got schooled. He really needs to do more research before he say something about Singapore.

Otherwise, like Bella said, he can go pick another country. 



Parties involved in the Nets brownface E-Pay advertisement, have, accorrding to the Info-Communications Media Development Authority (IMDA), been issued a stern reminder to be more sensitive and mindful of race and religious concerns. 

IMDA did not find any breaches under the Internet Code of practice. However, it did find the advertisment to be in poor taste, and offensive to minorities.

On the other hand, the Nair siblings, Preeti and Subhas, were given a 24-month conditional warning by the police. The administering of the warning was done in consultation with the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC).

As with the advertisement, the IMDA also urged content producers to be mindful of the sensitivities.

No further action will be taken against the parties.

A line has been drawn under this episode.

Indeed, it has showned up divisions between us.

It has also afforded us more opportunities to discuss these taboo issues. 

This constant debates, negotiation, and dialogues can only positively impact how we view each other, and how much we understand one another. 

Son of a kayaker, Louis, went onto Facebook to plead for authorities to do more in search for his mother who is lost at sea. His mother, Puah Geok Tin,64, went on a kayaking expedition and was lost at sea together with a man, Tan Eng Soon, 52. They were swept away from the group of 13 other Singaporean kayakers due to strong currents. Both of them were last spotted in their green kayak.

Singaporean authorities have not done anything to help with the search. According to Louis, he believes that the Malaysians want to do the search themselves as it is their own turf. Louis however, plead for the Singaporean authorities to help in the search. 

You can read his full post here:

Dear Mummy, everyone is praying for you, everyone is waiting for you to come back. Please come back to us safely, there are so many unsaid words and so many more things in my life I want to share with you. I am waiting, we are waiting. I love you. 

As the time ticks by, it frustrates me on how much I can do to find my mother. On 080819 1730hrs my Mummy and Mr Tan drifted away from the canoe expedition group because of strong currents. It has been 72 hours since she is missing out in the open water in Malaysia, and we still are not able to bring in any Singapore forces to help with the search. On top of it, is definitely not comforting knowing that is a holiday in Malaysia, and everyone is out celebrating, can there be more people going out for the rescue? I'm very thankful for the people that are helping despite it being a holiday, but i know more can be done!

My family and I will definitely feel more assured if we have Singapore forces coming down to help with the search. It is always better to have more help when it comes to Search and Rescue mission right?

Even approval for just 2 other private boats to help for the search took such excruciating time. Is the Malaysian pride that "I must find it myself, since is happening on my ground" getting in the way? Why can't approval be process faster for Singapore forces to come in and help? I am from the Singapore Armed Forces myself and I serve proudly. I understand there are restraints from higher authorities, but in times of emergency, there’s sure ways to push for things to go faster? I totally trust the Singapore Forces and I believe Singaporean are always ready to help anyone in need. We just celebrated Singapore 54th Birthday, and I personally see how strong the bonds of Singaporeans are. I hope that Singapore will fight hard to search for my Mummy and Mr Tan in this Search & Rescue mission. I hope this can reach out to the appropriate Authorities / the Singapore Authorities that can help, and also hope Malaysia can open up for Singapore to come in with the Search & Rescue. The people here are doing whatever they can but we are short handed. I have faith in Singapore & I know you won't leave anyone behind.

Previously a man named John Low was lost at sea in Tioman due to a freak accident. The man was burnt to a crisp and he only kept his sanity by talking to his Rolex and his floating buoy. John Low was then found and rescued by the RSAF. John Low then came along to give a message of support on Louis's Facebook. 


We hope that Louis will get reunited with his mother soon. Don't give up hope!

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