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Are you expecting a newborn son? Don't be surprised if you receive a letter from Mindef. Facebook user Iskandar Shah published the photo shown above on 21 July 2018 and has since gathered over 700 shares. Implemented in 2017, Mindef has been sending out letters reminding parents of their newborn son's obligations when they hit the age of 18. The letter touches on "NS policies, such as applying for exit permits and deferment for full-time studies. It also states that the Government may withhold an individual's renunciation of citizenship if his NS liabilities are not fulfilled."

While the government might think that this is a good idea, we should be asking ourselves, after receiving the letter, if we want to let our sons grow up in such a country where the government wastes no time in letting us know that our sons will be a part of the National Slavery.

A couple was caught having sex outside of Orchard Towers. The approximately 3 mins long video was posted onto Facebook on July 21 at around 5pm. The video gathered over a 100,000 views in under 5 hours and has since been taken down. While there was no (love making) sounds from the couple, a small, offscreen crowd gathered to take videos and contributed commentaries to the session.  

Is this a sign that Singapore is becoming less prudish? OR is this an act of defiance to our Minister Josephine Teo as the couple clearly needed to have the space of the great outdoors to do the deed?

Either way, I'm sure we're all glad they had a good time.

Grab Hitch driver Alex Lim went on social media to publicly shame the rider of FBK318C after his encounter with him on the road. Alex alleged that the rider failed to stop and rode on despite oncoming vehicles coming his way. To back up his claims, Alex released video footage and voice recording of the incident.

In the video, it clearly shows the traffic violations made by the rider and despite his errors, the rider argued with Alex and tried to play victim by blaming Alex for trying to hit him. After the first encounter, the rider persisted in his ways and hit Alex's car before escaping, beating the red light in the process.

Driver Alex indicated his intentions to make an official police report on this incident and hopes that the license of this road rage biker would be suspended as he is a road hazard to fellow road users.

In case Alex's complaint is no longer viewable, this is the original complaint published on his social media accounts.

"I was driving along Bedok Reservoir Road with a hitch passenger on board, when this idiot biker FBK318C turned out without checking and didn’t stop before turning into the main road, I had to brake and sway to the right, luckily there was no car on my right. Clearly in the video he was in the wrong and still want to challenge me insisting he was right and question about my driving speed.

If i was was driving fast, I will already knocked on him and he even don’t have change to argue, he will be laying on the floor crying father and crying mother. He was not apologetic at all, no point argue with this idiot, I decided to drive off as there was a hitch passenger on board don’t want to waste her time.

But this was not the end, when I stopped at the cross junction he still persist he was no wrong and argued with me, he kick my bumper and ride off, stupid enough he beat the red light. Good luck to this idiot biker, I am going to report to TP tomorrow hope u get yr license suspended, you are a hazard for other road user."

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