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A local couple, Nafiz Kamarudin and his wife, is currently being investigated for offences under the 'public order act'. Nafiz Kamarudin is the co-founder of the non profit organization Happy People Helping People Foundation. On 31 Aug, he made a Facebook post showing off his runner's bib for the yellow ribbon prison run. On it, instead of his name, it writes ""2nd Chances" means not killing them". And his reason for putting that on his bib?

"how do you give them a "2nd Chance" after you sent them to the gallows? Does not make sense to me."

On 12 Sept, he made another Facebook post stating that the committee has contacted him and told him to change his bib as his statement on the bib is not in line with their cause.

He complied in the end, and went to the event with a bib that states his name. However, his wife and him wore a shirt that writes ""2nd Chances" means not killing them" and “#ANTIDEATHPENALTY” on the back.

Nafiz was barred from running and he ended up running parallel to the race, on the road just beside the official running track. He was not permitted into the Changi Prison Complex and went off soon after.

In reaction towards this, the couple is currently being investigated for wearing the shirts despite numerous warnings. We suppose this is the knee jerk response by authorities towards dissent in Singapore. Despite the numerous lip service given to us, telling us that dissent would be good for discussion and building a better Singapore etc, etc., we still get these kind of treatment from them whenever we go against their "ideals". 

They are not open to our thoughts and ideas and just want to do things that make themselves happy. They do not seem to want the best for the citizens of Singapore.

china keychain pic

Have you seen these 2 women at Clementi interchange before?

They have been going around Clementi interchange claiming that they are deaf and mute and are selling keychains to the crowd at the interchange. 

In the video, they don't seem to have any permit or licence or any identification to show whether their sale of the keychains are legal. 

They don't look like local Singaporeans but they look like they are from China. 

Is it legal to sell keychains like this?


Lee Wei Ling, daughter of the late Lee Kuan Yew is once again speaking up on the 38 Oxley issue. She claims that the demolition is not a certain issue, which is why she chose to speak up on it again. 

"Papa doesn’t mince words, yet a special committee of the Cabinet was formed to divine what Papa really wants!! As I stated in a Facebook post previously, one has to be remarkably dumb or ill-informed to not know what LKY wanted to happen to his marital home."

Both Lee Wei Ling and her brother Lee Hsien Yang has been fighting for their father's dying wish - to demolish the house when Lee Wei Ling has no use for it anymore. LKY also did not want the house to be turned into a shrine for him and was "strongly against any personality cult and to date, no major structure in Singapore has been named after him."

Lee Wei Ling also mentioned that the mother was a private person. 

"she does not want the public tramping through her family home."

She claims that the PAP is trying to build a personality cult but she believes that Singapore should move forward and continue to survive beyond LKY.

But I am certain that forming a LKY personality cult is bad for Singapore. I had to move on after Papa’s demise and so should all Singaporeans. 

It is obvious that the daughter just wants nothing but to see the house demolished - in accordance to his father's final wish.

"Papa gave his whole life to toiling for Singapore. Surely Singaporeans can find it in their hearts to grant my father his unwavering wish."

Lee Hsien Yang has also shared the post from her sister on his Facebook page. You can read Lee Wei Ling's full post below:

PM Lee's press secretary has also mentioned in a brief statement that PM Lee's siblings can also choose to testify in court together with TOC editor Terry Xu and let the court establish the facts. It is not known whether they are intending to do so.

Yishun residents and all the other commuters must be missing the old defunct temporary interchange.#legit

It feels like life was so much better a few days ago. 

So Monday morning (yesterday), the Yishun Integrated Transport Hub failed miserably when they caused a huge traffic jam.

Not a normal traffic jam if you have seen the photos.

Here are the problems with the new hub:

Bus had formed a long queue to enter the interchange.

Commuters had to be flexible and adhere to alight dangerously and illegally at the sides of the road. 

It takes extra jouney time of 20 minutes for the bus to finally turn into the hub.

It's a super long walk to get to the MRT from the interchange.

Shuttle along the new tunnel to the MRT opens only at 7 in the morning.

INTEGRATED TRANSPORT HUB was poorly constructed and not located strategically.

Shocking thing is that the hub was not able to accommodate the buses. It was too cramp.

There is only 2 turning points and a single lane in that small interchange.

And you know what is the biggest problem? 

The people who designed the hub and the route and everything is probably not even staying in YISHUN.


Here's a link to the opening day of the hub.


(Is there been any new improvements on the second day?)



You better watch out, you better not cry, wayang party is coming to town. In an attempt to "beautify" their estate, Sembawang Town Council had personnel stealthily go to every block and level to give out warning letters to bike owners to remove their bikes.

According to one He Wei Hao, the warning letter requests that owners remove their bicycles/escooters within the next 3 days. Or else the Town Council will remove it themselves. According to He, every bicycle and escooter (with the exception of "really well maintained nearly competition worthy bicycles") on his block received the warning letter.

He claimed that he has been abiding by the 1.2m corridor clearance for years. But now, he can't even park his bicycle just because it looks a little ugly. 

Why should they remove their bicycles just because it looks old and dingy? Our ministers also not yandao/chio. Can remove them or not? Like He said, it's not as if they are building bicycle parking lots everywhere. Where are the owners expected to move their bicycles to? 

Maybe the reason for the request to remove bicycles are stemming from the fact that elections are coming. The ministers need to have a beautiful walkway when they do their once in five years walkabout session. 

All the more reason for us not to remove them.





Apparently a British Army Officer, claimed by the Singaporean victim, was said to have slammed the victim dad's car while on a bicycle.

The story was that as the victim and his dad was driving out, a man on a bicycle squeezed through the small gap behind them and hit their car.

After realising it, the Singaporean man wind down the windows to confront the man. In his recount of the incident, he said that the cyclist threw his bicycle onto the grass and confronted them.

The cyclist then threathen the victim's dad, and was said to have described himself as a 'British Army Officer'. The victim also said that his dad was pushed by the British man.

In his defence, the victim said that he does not usually record with a camera. He only did what he did after he heard the threat.

He also informed that he did not want to escalate the matter to the authorities.

What do you think? Looks like a childish sqaubble?

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