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DFS Group is from the US and has been at Changi airport for 38 years. The CEO and Chairman Ed Brennan cites "changing regulations concerning the sale of liquor and tobacco, against a global context of geopolitical uncertainty, meant that staying in Changi was not a financially viable option" as their reason for withdrawing from Changi Airport.

Hundreds of staff working at DFS Changi might also be losing their jobs from this withdrawal.

However, three other companies have already put in their bid to take over DFS. They are: Lotte Duty Free, Shilla Duty Free and Heineman Duty Free. Hopefully, the company taking over DFS will have job vacancies for those from DFS Changi. As long as we can continue to get our tobacco and alcohol when we get through our arrival gates, I'm sure many of us will have no complaints about who takes over.

A Malay lady by the name of Puteri Nursuhana showed who was the bigger person on her journey in the MRT.

As a disabled and wheelchair bound person, she instinctively went to the section of the train where there is a dedicatated space for disabled people.

Puteri who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy has been said to be looking after her two elderly parents, does some baking, and sells at popup booths as a source of income.

It was unlucky that when she was on the train, there was no one around to stand up for her. 

What happened was as she was going in, she saw a man with his PMD parked at the disabled person space.

She did ask the man to give up the space to her, but the man chose to ignore her.

In the end she gave in to the man and took to Facebook to ask whether the man's action was "proper".

Why can't normal people just be understanding and be kind to the less fortunate?


Driving taxi is a lonely profession. The job makes you feel alone. You don't have someone close to chat with except for passenger. You have no friends, no colleagues, no boss to talk to and share. Spending time alone in the taxi close to 10 hours of driving. If you meet good passenger, you are happy. But if you get a bad passenger with attitude and disrupting your job, your day is spoil. Bad mood follow until reach home.


One good day, with high income from more passenger, you can cover rental and get some decent cash for daily. If not the bad days just enought to cover rental and maybe the petrol even after one whole day driver.


Maybe some say I lie if cannot cover rental for driving whole day. But some bad days are really bad days. And I not good with the new technology like zello, watsapp or use video call other.


Even worse bad day.. saman or accident. 

A netizen shared his negative experience with an amulet shop located at Golden Mile Complex (GMC). 

On 27 July 2019, the netizen went to GDC with the intention of encasing his amulet in a gold-casing.

At this particular shop, he was told by the attending auntie that it will not cost more than $400. He eventually paid a $200 deposit for the service and was told that it will take 4-5 working days for the process to complete.

The actual wait took longer. It was only on 20 August that the shop contacted him to pick-up the amulet.

That wasn't the only setback.

Although he was quoted less than $400 on 27 July, he was told to pay another $640. This meant that the total price, including the deposit, would've been $840.

His request for the shop to remove the gold casing was met with insults from the same auntie.

Desperate, the netizen called the police. 

The auntie later chased the netizen out of the shop.

When getting a quote from a shop/service provider, make sure you have them write it down in black and white to prevent any cases where the final prices are inflated for whatever reasons.

If there are genuine reasons as to why some action has to be undertaken, as a customer, you have a right to know how much that will cost and can decide if you want to proceed with it.



A lady's baby stroller was "kicked very hard" by a man at a food eatery according to her.

She said that her baby, a 16 year old newborn child was inside the pram sleeping. 

The kick was hard enough to shock the sleeping baby and made the baby wail in tears.

The mother and child was there to go for a doctor's appointment and check up. 

She wanted people to know that this incident is very real and that those who condemn her may one that face such similar incident and then take it more seriously. 

She also made sure to tell that the bad man was a regular person, sound mind, a family man with 2 kids and that no apology was given.


Bad day or bad luck? 

Anyway one side of story only hor..




Viral video of a man who is house breaking and got caught by the home owners.

Apparently the home owners have been aware of the man's several attempts of breaking into their home.

They have also been recording for awhile, waiting for the man to be caught in the act.




After geting caught, the housebreaker apologiesed and begged not to be reported.

He said to have mercy on him who have a wife and kid.


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