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Just on our National Day Rally, PM Pinky claimed that we need about $100 billion over a long term to protect ourselves against rising sea levels. Now, they announced that HDB is going to roll out 6,000 digital notice boards in housing estates as part of their smart nation drive. These boards will be installed at common areas such as lift lobbies, and lifts.

These notice boards will be used to “facilitate the delivery of community and municipal messages to residents in a convenient, timely and neater way”. Contents range from community happenings to advertisements (which they claim will take up no more than 30% of screen time). 

After seeing these facts, aren't you questioning why we need these notice boards? So that the government can earn the money from the advertisements? We are perfectly fine with paper notices are we not? How much more do we have to pay for the electricity used to run such notice boards? Also, with the running of such digital notice boards, carbon emissions will no doubt be increased in Singapore. Should we not save money on getting these boards and at the same time saving the environment?

It seems to me like the Government is tearing down our environment themselves and making us pay for it ($100 billion ok?). First they claim that they want to save our environment. Then they decide to get such stupid things to what? Inflate their own ego? Oh look Singapore is a smart nation. I say, we might look like a smart nation at the end of the day. But it seems like we are being run by a very stupid gang of people who thinks of nothing but their own pride and money.

A rich Indian man who claims to be named Ramesh was caught on video arguing with his condominium's security guards. The security guards informed Ramesh and his visitors that they have to pay $10 to visit. However, Ramesh went on to scold the security guards who were just trying to enforce the rules.

Ramesh claims that he paid $1.5 million the condo and therefore should be allowed visitors for free especially on a Diwali weekend. However, don't you think that it's ridiculous that he can pay $1.5 million for a condo but not $10 for his visitors. He compared Diwali to Chinese New Year to the security guards telling them that he must have visitors on Diwali. 

You can watch the video here:

Of course, this video went viral to the anger of Singaporeans. They even began to find out his workplace (he's a high flyer at JP Morgan) and questioned why he is being so cheap as to not even want to pay a measly $10 which was just a small fraction of his pay for his visitors. 

Rich FTs have always been doing such things to Singaporeans. The poor security guard had to stand there and take his verbal insults and vulgarities. We hope that the authorities will do something about this.

And of course some PAP ministers came out to talk about this. But we wonder who brought these FT into Singapore in the first place?

After blasting back a post to Chua, Pritam Singh just made another post on his Facebook yesterday afternoon with a full list of AHTC trying to communicate with the pro-PAP Grassroots organisations. 

The list ranges from 2012 all the way to October this year. Why does an elected MP have to get approval from a person he defeated during the general elections to do things for his residents who elected him in the first place? A loser candidate should have no power in deciding and approving how public funds should be used no? Also, when a loser candidate stops the elected MP from doing work for his residents really shows why he lost in the first place.

You can read the full list of correspondence here:

And just because a opposition elected MP decided to speak up about the issue, all the loser candidates decide that this is the time to be salty and bring up things that are not related to the topic at hand. Just check out Victor Lye who tried to implied some unsavory things in his Facebook post.


And why do they have an Aljunied GRC page for themselves? Aljunied GRC is now under WP and this page is just being misleading. But I guess this should not be unexpected. They are known to use such underhanded tactics.

Chua Eng Leong is part of PAP's team who lost to WP during the 2015 General Elections in Aljunied GRC. He is now appointed as a Grassroots Adviser for AHTC. What does he do? He gets to approve the funding which WP wants to use for upgrading works in AHTC. 

After Pritam Singh spoke up about the ramp which took 7 years, Chua Eng Leong blasted back with a wordy Facebook post of his own. In gist, Chua claimed that what Pritam wrote was "politically divisive and factually inaccurate". He claimed that Pritam's comments were unsubstantiated. Chua alleged that the Eunos Citzens' Consultative Committee (CCC) had a similar proposal for a ramp. Chua wrote "Considering this was proposed by Eunos CCC, why would Eunos CCC delay the project?"

Funding for the ramp was secured in September 2016 and construction for the ramp started in December 2018. The contractors in charge of the projects had also asked for "extensions of time" which resulted in the long completion time.

Chua also said “It is politically mischievous to suggest that proposals by MPs are commonly ignored”. And of course, he then took a dig at the current ongoing AHTC court case. What a cheap shot.

You can read his full post here: 

Pritam responded to this three hours later and he was delighted to see the CCC engage in this issue albeit only after things have gone public. Especially after "repeated emails, requests for answers have gone unanswered and ignored, over many years".

Pritam highlighted that Chua did not explain for the delay after the ramp was proposed. He questioned if having proposals come into fruition with the timeline of seven years was the norm in PAP wards. He also questioned Chua if there was a difference in CIPC funds between Aljunied CCCs and other constituencies. He asked if Chua is able to share the numbers.

Pritam also expected the dig about the AHTC court case and have chosen not to comment on it. 

Pritam ended his post by proposing that the Aljunied and Hougang CCs and elected opposition MPs in the ward to sit down together to develop a protocol on how CIPC proposals should be handled in opposition wards. 

Who do you think came out on top in this online debate? Pritam is obviously asking for a change in how things are being run while Chua is just "claiming" to do good work. But why is there a need for a losing party to stay in opposition wards to approve funds? We don't get it either. Oh well.

Chiam See Tong, also known as the lion of Potong Pasir, is stepping down as the leader of Singapore People's Party (SPP). In an announcement on the Party's Facebook page, they announced that 12 members were elected to the Party's Central Executive Committee. They are: Mrs Lina Chiam, Mr Jose Raymond, Mr Steve Chia, Mr Ariffin Sha, Mr Eman Lim, Mr Williiamson Lee, Ms Kathleen Cheong, Mr Ong Ming Hui, Mr Yong Seng Fatt, Mr Shahir Shahfie, Mr Ng Theng Lim and Mr Jalil Wari.

They then wrote a note thanking Mr Chiam See Tong, who has been the leader of SPP since 1993 and he has finally stepped down for some new blood to take over him. Many people took to Facebook to thank Mr Chiam for his years of service and fighting for a better Singapore. He will however, still be a part of SPP. We wish him all the best! And a big thank you from all of us.

SG Nasi Lemak - a Telegram group with over 40,000 members was shut down. The Singapore Police Force (SPF) received several reports between 15 Mar and 3 Oct for activities such as circulation of obscene materials and other vice activities. 

Identities of two men, aged 26 and 37 who were the administrators of the chat group and two teenagers aged 17 and 19 who were distributing obscene materials was uncovered by the police force. The police also confiscated over 10 electronic devices including a CPU, laptop, hard disk and several mobile phones.

If convicted, the men could be imprisoned for up to three months, fined or both. Numerous girls have reported the chat group for spreading their photos without their permission in it.

The chat group had an entrance fee of $30 and had been up for about a year. 

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