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Yes it is against the law in Singapore for people to smoke public places such as shopping malls. However, vaping is also against the law. One netizen caught photos of NEA officers approaching a man. Allegedly to catch him for smoking indoors. Smokers are liable to a composition sum of $200 if caught smoking in prohibited places, or up to $1,000 if convicted in court. 

Soon after, he also took a video of said NEA offices vaping just outside the mall. As of 1 February 2018, it is illegal for people to posses, purchase and use vaporisers in Singapore.

Persons found guilty of this offence can be fined up to $2,000. Those caught for importing, selling and distributing the products can face fines of up to $10,000 and up to six months' jail for a first time offence. Repeat offenders can be fined up to $20,000 and jailed for up to a year.

NEA officers are there to catch offenders in the act. But who catches the NEA officers? We hope that NEA will shed some light on this issue. It seems like our government agencies have a separate rule for themselves.

A fire broke out on 1 November at Bukit Batok. The hose ree cabinets at Block 210A, Bukit Batok Street 21 were padlocked and the SCDF personnel were unable to use the fire hose reels.

SCDF had to use water from their emergency vehicles after the officers found the hose reels padlocked. The SCDF personnel also broke one of the padlocks but found out that there was no water supply for the hose reel in the cabinet.

The town council has since clarified that these hose reels were frequently vandalised in the past. Which is what led to the padlocks.

SCDF has since issued a warning to the town council regarding the issue.

But here begs the question. Are the aesthetics that important to the town council to go as far as padlocking them up? Could they not find other ways to stop people from vandalising? How uncreative of them. Because of them the people's lives are put in danger. 

And what's worse? They even pushed the blame back to the citizens. Claiming that it was only done cause of the vandalism done by them. We are not paying them that huge amount of money just for them to not fix any issues and blame us for it. 

They better get their shit together. The citizens will not stand for this any longer. We are prepared to #VTO.

Vet nurses from a local vet clinic was caught on camera for mocking a cat with no ears and also playing/juggling with castrated dog testicles.Well they weren't exactly caught on camera since they filmed it themselves and posted it on their social media. 

They posted the videos on their Instagram, Insta story. They were seen in the stories bouncing testicles from a castrated dog as well as juggling with them. There was also another video of them trying to make loud noises around a cat with no ears to see if it can hear them (obviously not, it has no ears). You can watch one of her videos here (not for the squeamish):

Ohana Vetcare has since terminated these nurses as they should. You can read their statement here:

Such cruel people should not be working in a clinic. The video has since gone viral. We hope that the girls have learnt their lessons. 

Many of us have to stand the sight of our PAP MPs around their wards on huge billboards. Foo Seck Guan Kenneth, brought this up after he did his rounds around the Tampines estates. 

He spotted three different billboards on two different occasions - Deepavali and Mid Autumn Festival. These billboards were used by PAP to spread their greetings to the citizens in their wards. Out of curiosity, Foo went to enquire about the price of such billboards. Here is the breakdown of cost:

1. Printing of board - approx $15,000
2. Counter weight - approx $10,000
3. Structure - approx $2,000
4. PE - approx $1,000
Total cost approx $28,000

$28,000 for one billboard. Three of them is approximately $84,000. Two occasions? $168,000. 

Foo questioned if they could have done this better, by making use of the newly installed electronic boards at void decks now. He also questioned if the money allocated to the People's Association is well spent to benefit the citizens.

To us, they have never really spent money to better our lives. Only occasionally giving out chicken wings to citizens to make us happy for a little while. Is this how we want our money to be wasted? Is this the kind of party we want in our wards? Spending money for their own ego? I'm sure many of us would answer no. But let us show it through our votes soon. We will not stand for this.

Singaporeans has differing opinions on the ban of PMDs on footpaths. Some like it, some don't. Those that don't are more concerned of the livelihoods of these delivery riders/are users of such delivery services. Those that like it are those that probably do not use such services and have probably almost got knocked down by PMD riders before.

It doesn't matter if you like it or not though. These things are now in the hands of the relevant authorities. However, there are some who take it into their own hands to tell off errant riders.

It's fine if it's done nicely like this I suppose:

But some people are really taking it to the extreme. In a now viral post, netizen Liew Yong Liang posted a photo with a couple of delivery riders and the police. In his post, he alleged that a pedestrian pushed a rider down on a PCN despite the rider signaling from afar and even moving by slowly. He also alleged that the pedestrian shouted at the rider "YOU HOW CAN CYCLE HERE?!" 

In case you missed it, the PMD riders are still allowed on PCNs. Not only have the pedestrian misinterpreted the law, the pedestrian also took it into his own hands. Going as far as pushing the rider. Since when are civilians allowed to use violence to attack riders when the riders weren't even in the wrong?

You can read the full post here:

Well, we hope that the rider is well and things can get better for both the riders and normal pedestrians. 

The drink manufacturer F&N (Fraser and Neave) and NEA said that they will be installing 50 smart vending machines across Singapore. These smart reverse vending machines work by dumping used aluminium cans and plastic bottles into the machines. The machines will then dispense out grocery vouchers for you.

This is to encourage more Singaporeans to recycle. Now this is all fine and dandy. But have we thought of the cons to this project? Yes it will help us save our environment with recycling of such products. But what is going to happen to the elderlies who need the 'active exercise'?

Our Government has claimed before that these elderlies go out to collect cardboard boxes and cans as a form of 'exercise'. But we know better. They need the money. With more people recycling to get their vouchers, what will happen to these aunties? Will they be able to continue surviving with their low/no income? 

Have they considered this flip side of the issue? Instead of having such machines, why not use the money to hire a bunch of these elderlies to give them a higher pay and get them to return the cans for recycling? Would that be a better idea? Things are looking grim. With Singapore trying harder to become a smart nation, it seems like we might be losing our empathy. Too much metal, too little heart. 

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