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What would you do if someone rejects your advances to check into a hotel. Would you take it out on the taxi driver? Well that's what happened to a valet driver. You can read the full account here. 

“I met them at the agreed pick-up point (Q Pub in sembawang) and took over his car. Along the way they (he, his friend and two foreign nationality ladies) were discussing where to go next.

Was instructed to drive them to 19 Oxley Road where his friend lived. Upon reaching, I overheard the ladies rejecting his suggestion of going to Hotel 81 Lavender Street. When we arrived at Oxley, I waited while they were still negotiating with the ladies. After being rejected, the conversation stopped.

So I turn to him to ask, “sorry sir, where to next”. Immediately he swung his left fist directly into my face. The force was so hard till the back of my head banged against the car door window. The friend quickly went home, the ladies too left when blood started bleeding from my lips.” Fairuz.

We received a call from Fairuz and was notified. The police and ambulance was called immediately, reminded him to walk away from the assailant and wait for help and us to arrive.

The incident just happened few hours ago @about 2:45am 12/8/18.

Fairuz is still in TTSH now getting an X-Ray done for his injured neck, head and jaw examined. We are still waiting for doctor’s advise if he needs to be warded for observation.

To YOU!! You needed a driver to help you drive. We assigned one of our most experienced driver Fairuz to help only for a small fee of $38.00. He or any of us valet drivers don’t owe it to you when your lady friends rejects your advances or when you’re in a bad mood!!

Valet drivers are here to help ensure customers’ safe return home. We are NOT your punching bag!! So Please HAVE A LITTLE RESPECT if not any appreciation.

*a police report have been file for assault."

Just because you get rejected doesn't mean you should take it out on someone else. 

Credits to Drive Home Service Singapore by My Chauffeur Valet FB

How much can you trust childcares these days? Many of us in Singapore have no choice but to work, thus having nobody to look after our kids. Some put their children at their parent's place but not everybody can do the same. 

On 9 Aug 2018, one Olivia Shim made a Facebook post on FB group Childcare in Singapore regarding how her kid was hit on the head by the principal of a childcare center. You can read her experience below:

"Dear parents, I'm here to share my experience of a childcare located at Telok Kurau Bright Center.

On 26 July, Thursday, 5pm, when I picked up my 3 YO son from the cc. He looked very unusual - right hand kept touching his head, looking at me with a helpless face and trying hard to stop himself from tearing. He could not talk to me like usual when I asked him what happened. Otw home, my son whispered softly to me with his shivering voice that he wished to see a doctor. At the private clinic, I saw 2 big red patches (60mm & 40mm) and a small oval size fresh cut (4 mm) on the top, right side and towards the back of his head. Doctor stated that as “NAI” (Non-accidental injury) and advised me to go to KKH.

After all the admin, exam, consulting doctors at KKH, finally my son started to calm down and talked at 830pm. He told the doctor that “The principal used his hand to hit his head in the office.” The same statement was reaffirmed for >3 times. I was trying to get information from the principal, however no detail of the injury was provided. The doctor helped lodge a police report on the spot. That night my son has high fever of 39 degree. The next mornings, his first stmt once he woke up was “Do I need to go to school today?”.

On 29 July, Sunday, my son further shared that he was helplessly forced to go into the office as the principal counted 1 to 10.

On 30 July, Monday, 8am, my hub and myself confronted the Principal. We were told that:
· My son threw tantrum and induce vomit. 
· It was a normal day: exactly same as the timetable.

When I told him that my son was indeed injured and fever after school. He raised his voice diverting the topic to other area - fever reading is different for different devices, my tone/attitude was unfriendly etc. He did not try to find out which part of my son was injured. We also confirmed from him that no CCTV was installed in his office and outside of this office – no footage to prove his words.

After 1 hour of unfruitful discussion, we withdrew my son from the cc with immediate effect. He refused to return the deposit as it was without 1-month notice. Withdrawal form with the reason of quitting also refused to provide upon request.

As parents, we have totally lost trust with the school as we were left with the following thought:

1. Is a Principal allowed to have a child in his office alone? What is a purpose/agenda to stay alone with a child in his/her office, especially without a CCTV?

2. Why did the childcare refuse to immediately highlight any vomit, tantrums or misbehaviour when I picked up my son on 26 July, 5pm?

3. Is punishment like hit/strike, especially on the vulnerable and least visible area like the head, allowed in a childcare?"

Parents, please look after your children!

In a video posted on 10 Aug 2018, a little boy was seen dashing across the roads and narrowly missing a few vehicles. He looked to be only 4 to 6 years old. Thankfully the drivers were alert enough to brake in time! 

Although he was lucky to avoid an accident, his parents or guardian should be more careful and keep him close by. Don't test your luck, it will one day run out in the face of danger. 

Credits to Yue Hock Guan for the video




Feels like Secondary school all over again? 

A bunch of young men were seen fighting each other in Singapore. Their fight started by the roadside but continued when some of them pushed the others into the bushes. They were seen shouting at each other but it is unable to decipher what exactly they were angry about.

Some netizens speculated that the young boys must have been drunk. However, what actually transpired or led to the fight remains uncertain.

You can be young dumb and stupid, you can also drink if you like, but don't become public nuisance. It's very throw face one.

Credits to Aton Affandi for the video

On the morning of 7 August 2018, Mrs Yue-Chang, the vice-principal of Catholic Junior College (CJC) was addressing the issue of absenteeism towards JC2 students in an auditorium. During the session, the vice-principal made a comment claiming that CJC is not some neighbourhood secondary school where most students have family issues. She has since expressed deep regret for her comments.

Jurong MP, Mr Ang Wei Neng, a member of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Education brushed off the incident when asked about it by saying "I am sure she (Mrs Yue-Chang) meant well for the CJC students, but she probably wants to be more careful with her choice of words." 

The principal of CJC, Mrs Lim, also stepped up and tried to clear the air by explaining that the remarks that were made were not intentional and were never meant to single out students from neighbourhood secondary schools.

Do you think this is something a vice-principal should say to her students? Does she think that CJC is an elite school where neighbourhood students can't get into? 

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