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“Children look at me in fear, people stare and shun me, the MRT security will check my bag, and the police has also stopped me many times. But I am no terrorist, just a worker who has been severely burnt.

It happened when I was pressured into cleaning an underground water tank. There was this bad smell coming out and no one wanted to clean it so my boss said to me, “don’t make excuses saying this is not safe, you say that this is not safe because you don’t want to do this.”

I was given this halogen lamp and it was the moment I switched on that lamp that there was a big explosion. I didn’t even know what happened except that I was covered in flames. When my colleagues pulled me out, they couldn’t recognise me. The skin on my face was gone and I could see my bones. I thought I was going to die.

The burns were so severe that the doctor said it’s very difficult for me to get my original face back. I needed face reconstruction surgeries but my treatments stopped halfway because my employer refused to continue paying. He reasoned that he had already paid a lot and that he cannot be responsible for everything.

I had to cover my face with a scarf and sunglasses every time I go out so that people are not afraid of me. The pain from the burns is just the surface, it is even more tiring to deal with people's judgment.

But I got to know a lot of good people from HOME and many other friends. Things are better now. I have started going for English and computer classes and am also helping other workers with problems. I want to encourage all other workers suffering from injuries: when you meet with difficulties in life, don’t give up!"

- Rahman

Help support Rahman through this campaign Reviving Opportunities & Aid for Rahman and donate to make recovery possible for him at

Do cashless transactions really make our lives more convenient?

Stall owners at Pasir Ris hawker centre are unhappy at the new cashless system that was implemented just this January. Although they have to pay an additional $150 for the cashless service, the poor hawkers do not receive their earnings on time.

They have been complaining of disbursements being as late as 5 months. Within these 5 months, they still have to cough out money for other services such as dishwashing and table-cleaning, most of which they claim were not even done properly. 

The hawker is run by NTUC Foodfare. It has refuted these claims but acknowledged that there are late payments. 

Why do these hawkers have to bear the brunt of our tech failure? Are we becoming a Smart nation just for the sake of it? Is it really an improvement or are we rushing things when it is not necessary? What do you think?

In the latest news on reckless drivers, a taxi beat a red light at Penang road while two pedestrians were running across the road in the rain. According to the video of a car dashboard camera, the driver hit one of the pedestrians and sent him flying. The second pedestrian immediately dropped his belongings to attend to the victim. In the video, the passenger of the taxi and another pedestrian who was nearby came to assist. The taxi driver was nowhere to be seen in the video.

The fine for beating a red light is S$200 for light vehicles in Singapore. The driver is also given 12 demerit points. Let us all hope for a speedy recovery for the pedestrian that was hit.

If you think $5 is cheap for durians, think again.

Some Singaporeans were enraged after paying $5 for 2 durians at an event endorsed by Teo Ser Luck at Sengkang Community Club. Besides having to queue for a long time, they had to put up with an "unexpected" shortage of durians and even rotten durians.

Halfway through the event, the organisers realised that they did not have enough durians to distribute. Worst still, the durians were as small as our palms: "We were given tiny/sourish durians and not allowed to exchange. With ill-treatment from a gang of volunteers who threw things onto the ground and made us pick up durians without stem w bare hands. What's the compensation for such humiliation for supporting community events?"

After the event, netizens flocked online to complain about the dismal durians and bad management. Until now, Teo Ser Luck has not responded.

Sengkang Community Club has stepped up to refund the cost of the tickets so people can claim free durians from the same vendor. But do you think this a good solution? Who's to blame for the bad planning and management? Will people be appeased with more palm-sized rotten durians? Why organise an event for the sake of it if they can't even do it properly?




How can something be delivered before you order it? Except... it did happen.

A man who ordered McDelivery at 11.50pm was told that he will receive his meal at 11.15pm. Worst of it all, he doesn't know what to do as the McDelivery app naturally stated that his food has been successfully delivered. 

"I'm so frustrated and also very hungry. Look at the expected time to be delivered and look at the time on my phone. Called Mcdelivery hotline, all you can do is apologize. Call branch hotline, same thing. And expect me to be very understanding? And the funny thing is that the order status in the app stated, "Delivered". Uhhhh k."

What's going on? McDonald's making miracles?

On 28 July 2018 (Saturday), an off-duty Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) regular was found dead in his bunk. The regular was from the SAF Medical Training Institute.

The regular was found hanging from a rope in his bunk. Paramedics from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) pronounced the regular dead on site at about 3.05pm. The police is currently investigating the regular's death and the SAF is lending their assistance to the soldier’s family in this time of grief.

Many netters have flocked to MINDEF's FB post on the matter to express their grief and sorrows for the regular's death. Has there been too many deaths coming from our uniform groups of late?

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