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DPM Stroke Heng made a opening speech at a public dialogue session during the Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore)’s ConservAction Week held from Nov. 26 to 28, 2019.

During his speech, he claims that the government intends to expand our green spaces from 7800 hectares to almost 9000 hectares. This is all part of their vision of becoming a "Biophilic City in a Garden" where Singaporeans can connect to nature and share green spaces with wildlife.

Now this all sounds dandy and fine but one can only wonder where are we going to get the space for the green spaces. More reclaimed land? Doesn't sound very environmentally friendly now, does it? Singapore is a small dot on the world map. We do not have much space and already our government has been building more and more buildings to cater for new citizens.

So just how are they going to get more land space for these greenery?? Is our government trying to talk big again? All talk and no action. Just saying things to make citizens happy just before elections as usual.

This just in, Queensway Shopping Centre is here to stay! Many Singaporeans are rejoicing over this fact.

In case you missed it, the mall which offers many shops for bargain sportswear was up for an en bloc sale subject to the agreement from tenants. The en bloc sale was expected to bring in $500 million. The committee had until April 2020 to gather the signatures to push through the sale.

However, the process appeared to end early with an image by a tenant having a sale to celebrate the end of the en bloc process.

This is good news to many tenants who would like to continue selling their wares there. This is also good news to many Singaporeans who go bargain hunting for sportswear there as well as fans of laksa and curry chicken.


'Our Government must take care of our people first. That is the duty of any government to its people.' That is the tag line on the newest poster by Progress Singapore Party, helmed by none other than dr Tan Cheng Bock.

This is not the first time they are promoting their ideals of putting Singaporeans first. And it definitely has resonated with many Singaporeans. Our current ruling government appears to not care for us and knowing that someone might care for us if voted in, is definitely refreshing.

The current ruling government has brought in CECA, giving them jobs instead of jobs to Singaporeans. They have also been raising taxes, price hikes to our water prices, transport and electrical tariffs. This no longer feels like a place where citizens feel like home. Singaporeans have to slog away their lives at work just to hit that minimum sum to have a taste of their hard earned money,

If Progress Singapore Party truly believe in what they say, we are going to be in good hands and there will definitely be progress in Singapore.

In the latest video of Chee Soon Juan speaking in dialects, he implores the older generation to support the SDP instead of the PAP in teochew! 

He cites videos of how everything is so expensive in Singapore and yet PAP is still increasing the price of things like water, transport and electricity. Standard of living is indeed high in Singapore. We are of course, not like the ruling class of Singapore. How can we afford these rising costs?

He also brings up our CPF where they return to us minute sums upon retirement and even asks our younger generation to take care of the older ones.

Chee Soon Juan has definitely brought good points across. The ruling party does not know of our difficulties. Hopefully, they'll be able to win some seats the next election.

You can watch his full video here: 

MINDEF has just announced on their Facebook that the tap water in certain areas of the Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) in Pulau Tekong was dispensing out discoloured tap water. It was not made known to the public what colour it is. However, PUB was contacted and their officers responded by quickly flushing the water network in Pulau Tekong and collecting water samples to investigate the cause.

MINDEF also claims that "The safety and well-being of our servicemen is of paramount importance. BMTC is currently using alternative water sources and PUB-deployed water wagons to meet servicemen’s essential water needs such as drinking and food preparation."

They are also working with PUB to quickly restore the water supply.

BMTC has been in Tekong since 1987. Complaints about the Tekong cough has been around since forever. Have these complaints prompted such a response from the authorities before? It seems like they are grasping for straws while trying to show citizens that they are doing work for us no? It's sad that our ruling Government have to resort to 'wayang' nearing the elections to get votes instead of continuously helping the citizens throughout the years.

Many citizens however, has already seen through the Government's many ruses. Lets see what will happen to them in this upcoming elections.

Leader of the SDP (Singapore Democratic Party), Chee Soon Juan spoke up on the recent padlocked hose reel incident. Where citizens were made to suffer just because the town council has padlocked the hose reels (which didn't even have water supply). Their reason for padlocking the reels? Vandalism.

Chee Soon Juan questioned the PAP if our lives are worth less than the costs of repairing the vandalized reels. Why is it always about profits with the PAP? Also, he noted that the padlocking of hose reels was not only found in one block in Bukit Batok as he flashed another photo of a padlocked hose reel found in Punggol.

Our lives are at stake here. What if there is another huge fire in our HDB blocks? Are our hose reels just for show? Are they going to pay us back for the lost of our lives with theirs?

This really shows the mindset of the leading party. Everything is about profits for them. Money makes their world go round. It's time to change. We need a better Government who fights for the lives of average (mediocre) citizens. 

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